Hello, World! Meet 10 Made-In-Asia Robots

Here in tech-crazy Asia, robots occupy a special place in our hearts, homes and workplaces.

6. NUSwan

NUSwan takes to the Pandan Reservoir like a duck to water. Credit: NUS Environmental Research Institute.

A lake may not seem like a place you would typically find robots, but NUSwan takes to it like a duck to water. Jointly developed by the National University of Singapore and Singapore’s Public Utilities Board, the inexpensive robot not only looks like a graceful swan but is also capable of monitoring water quality in real time.

NUSwan is equipped with sensors that can track the level of dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, turbidity and pH. It is currently being pilot tested at Pandan Reservoir, where it is guided by global positioning system (GPS) and wirelessly communicates results to a cloud server. Its inventors say it may someday also be able to predict algal blooms.


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