Filling In The Gaps Of Asia’s Genetic Map

The early findings by the GenomeAsia 100K consortium shed light on the ancestral origins of Asia’s populations and provide insight into adverse drug responses among Asians.

Commonwealth Science Academies Urge Action On Climate Change

Scientists in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and Sri Lanka have backed the Commonwealth consensus statement on climate change.

Plastic-Eating Fungi Found In Rubbish Heap

A strain of fungi researchers found in a rubbish heap can break down plastic as it grows.

Report: China Has The Most Patents & Publications In Developing World

The report reveals that China, India, Brazil and Mexico produce the most scientific papers out of the 141 developing countries studied.

Asia’s Health Improving, But Progress Far From Universal: Study

The Global Burden of Disease Study reveal the key drivers of ill health, disability, and death in the different countries around the globe.

Indonesia, Pakistan Lacking In Mental Health Integration: Report

The Asia Pacific Mental Health Integration Index ranks the level of effort of 15 countries and territories across the Asia Pacific region in implementing effective mental health policies.

Singapore Among World’s Healthiest Places To Live

Iceland, Singapore and Sweden are the healthiest out of 188 countries studied in the 2015 Global Burden of Disease Study.

Gravitational Waves Triggered 10m Years Earlier Than Thought

According to supercomputer simulations, a collision of two galaxies triggers gravitational waves about ten million years after—a much faster process than previously assumed.

These Countries Are At Greatest Risk Of Zika, Study Shows

India, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are expected to be at greatest risk of Zika virus transmission because of their limited health resources.

Help For Parents Of Autistic Children In India and Pakistan

A program for parents and non-specialist health workers could help autistic children in the developing world.