Hello, World! Meet 10 Made-In-Asia Robots

Here in tech-crazy Asia, robots occupy a special place in our hearts, homes and workplaces.

3. JiaJia

Could JiaJia be your girlfriend? Credit: Wang Zhanchi/University of Science and Technology of China.

The name JiaJia may conjure thoughts of a cute and cuddly panda, especially since ‘she’ hails from China. What she is, however, is China’s claim to the most life-like humanoid robot out there. Aiming to create the perfect robotic girlfriend, scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China spent three years creating her.

JiaJia, a third generation interactive social robot, not only comes designed with enhanced capabilities such as bilingual speech in English and Mandarin and autonomous navigation capabilities, she can also pull information from the cloud and learn through artificial intelligence. To give JiaJia human-like qualities, her creators took pains to ensure that she has natural eye, lip and body movements.

For those among us who aren’t fazed by having a robot girlfriend, prepare your bouquet of roses for when JiaJia finally hits the stores!


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