Bullying Could Lead To Psychosis In Teens

The study shows that bullying could alter the levels of neurotransmitter, Glutamate, which is linked with phychosis.

Study Shows Genetic Links To Academic Achievements in East Asians

Until now such studies have been limited to Western populations.

Dog Ownership Can Cut Dementia Risk By 40% In Older People

People with dogs tend to get into the habit of physical activity and forming social connections, which reduces their dementia risk.

How Smoking Bans Prevented Heart Attacks In Singapore

An analysis by Duke-NUS researchers finds that Singapore’s 2013 extension of the smoking ban averted heart attacks.

Microglia Help Neurons Mature In Developing Brain

Researchers created microglia-enriched brain organoids to study microglia-neuron interactions in brain development.

How Estrogen Shields Tumors From The Immune System

The female sex hormone contributes to tumor progression in the estrogen-negative cancers lacking hormone receptors.

The Split Nap Hack for All-Nighters

A new analysis of night shift nap studies points to the optimal snooze schedule for fending off exhaustion and drowsiness in early morning hours.

Ethics Of Using Care Robots For Older People

Study from Japan shows that involving older people while developing care robots for them will help alleviate their concerns about using robots.

Involved Fathers Help Children Have Better Social And Motor Skills

The study from Japan also showed that when fathers were more involved, mothers experienced less parental stress.

Weathering Makes Microplastics Even More Toxic

Microplastics that have undergone natural weathering acted as harmful neurotoxins in mice, shows a study from South Korea.