No Benefits Of Switching To Plant-Based Meat To Control Diabetes

Plant-based meat options tend to be highly processed, which potentially alters their health-promoting properties.

Catching Up On Lost Sleep Doesn’t Help Sleep-Deprived Brains

Weekend lie-ins and a few early bedtimes can ease a busy work week, but don’t help with sleep deprivation.

Internet Addiction Can Cause Brain Changes In Adolescents

Internet addiction negatively impacts social, academic and professional lives. In severe cases, people may experience physical pain, health issues and psychiatric problems.

Cool Paint Can Make Urban Areas Feel 1.5°C Cooler

Applying cool paints to roofs, walls, and roads reduces heat absorption, making the built environment more comfortable for people

An AI Model For Better Bone Cancer Prognosis

Kyushu University researchers have developed an innovative AI model for accurate osteosarcoma prognosis, thereby improving cancer detection and treatment.

Tai Chi Can Improve Survival Rate of Advanced Lung Cancer Patients By A Year

The study found that tai chi can also help cancer patients sleep better.

Human Brains May Have Evolved To Innately Love Music

In a study, scientists in South Korea found that human brains develop a natural sensitivity to music, even before ever being exposed to it.

Women Get More Out Of Exercise Than Men Do

Researchers say that the study findings might encourage more women to start exercising.

Bilingualism Can Boost Cognitive Health In Later Life

Bilingualism enhances cognitive reserve by improving social cue interpretations. Such benefits persist till later in life.

Gum Disease Might Be A Precursor To Diabetes

Study shows how gum disease and diabetes interact. It suggests that "RESISTIN" molecule can be targeted to treat gum disease patients and reduce diabetes risk