Orthopedic Surgeon By Day, Ringside Doctor By Night (VIDEO)

With his expertise in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Alan Cheung is a veritable heavyweight in the operating room all the way to the ringside.

Nuts And Bolts—Letting Robots Do The Heavy Lifting

Learn more about three new robot technologies that can revolutionise our future industries.

Engineered For Innovation (VIDEO)

Peter Ho, CEO of engineering company HOPE Technik, aims to deliver bespoke engineering solutions with real-world impact.

Automating The Way Towards Ultra-precise Surgeries (VIDEO)

Mr. Alan Goh, co-founder of NDR Medical Technology, is helping realize the potential of minimally invasive surgeries through robotics and artificial intelligence.

Helping Robots Spring Into Action

An international research team has constructed insect-size millirobots that can fling themselves into the air like trap-jaw ants.

Deep Learning Helps Robots Control Their Limbs

Deep reinforcement learning has helped walking robots coordinate complex movements with motor synergy just like humans do.

Getting A Grip On Robot-Assisted Surgery

Surgeon's fatigue during robot-assisted surgery could become a thing of the past with a controller developed by scientists in Japan.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Marcelo Ang

One of Singapore’s robotics pioneers, Professor Marcelo Ang Jr’s research promises to take driverless cars and personal robotic assistants outside the realm of imagination and into the mainstream.

Release The Robots!

Collaborative robots, or co-bots, are not only creating new business opportunities and changing workplace dynamics, but also bringing with them new risks concerning safety and security.

Pioneering High Accuracy, High Agility Automation

The Archimedes robot uses artificial intelligence to analyze optical components and their respective sizes, then an algorithm plans the most efficient way to slot them onto a tray.