Hello, World! Meet 10 Made-In-Asia Robots

Here in tech-crazy Asia, robots occupy a special place in our hearts, homes and workplaces.

AsianScientist (Jan. 3, 2017) – By Eugene Wambeck – We may not always see them in action, but robots are already a common sight throughout Asia in areas such as manufacturing and logistics. Not content with robots that make products, researchers in Asia are pushing the envelope and developing robots that engage in conversation, provide support to overworked hospital staff, and even keep an eye on your cat when you’re at work.

In this robotics and artificial intelligence issue of Asian Scientist Magazine, we highlight ten made-in-Asia robots that are making waves in fields ranging from healthcare to entertainment.

Keep a lookout for these mechanical marvels coming soon to a home near you!

1. Kirobo

Kirobo in space. Credit: Kibo Robot Project.

This diminutive robot holds the honor of having been the first robot companion in space. In fact, Kirobo holds another Guinness World Record for a robot holding conversation at the highest altitude!

Designed by Toyota Motor Corporation and partners, Kirobo is equipped with the company’s latest voice and facial recognition software. Kirobo accompanied Japanese space astronaut, Commander Koichi Wakata, for 18 months on board the International Space Station from August 2013 to February 2014.

Back on earth, a miniaturized version of Kirobo is now commercially available as a driving companion.

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