ulsan national institute of science and technology

Switch Solvent, Change Color

Researchers in South Korea have developed a carbon nanostructure capable of changing shape and color depending on the solvents used.

Removing Old Cells Could Prevent Arthritis

An experimental drug has been shown to prevent osteoarthritis in mice by selectively removing aged cells.

2-In-1 Solar Charger Both Captures And Stores Energy

This integrated solar charger is fully charged after just two minutes in sunlight and can be used to power devices like mobile phones.

A Sensitive And Dynamic Tactile Sensor

These transparent sensors can detect changes in pressure ranging from just the tap of a finger to the equivalent of a full human body weight.

A New Record For Perovskite Solar Cell Efficiency

South Korean researchers have developed a highly stable perovskite solar cell that has a photoconversion efficiency of more than 20 percent.

Spinning Pee To Detect Cancer

Researchers in South Korea have developed a fast and simple method to detect cancer biomarkers from bodily fluids like blood or urine.

Researchers Validate Bipolar Candidate Gene In Mice

Researchers have shown that mice without the gene for PLCγ1 in their forebrains exhibit manic-like behaviors.

Diodes Made Ideal With Graphene

Inserting a layer of graphene between the metal and semiconductor components of a diode can prevent atomic intermixing.

Lights, Carbon Nitride, Bone Regeneration!

Growing stem cells on carbon nitride sheets not only activates bone-related genes, but also releases calcium ions when exposed to red light.