ulsan national institute of science and technology

Ulsan Under Constant Exposure To Toxic Dust

Researchers in South Korea have found that Ulsan is chronically exposed to fine dust containing toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Making A Point With Elastic Diamonds

Researchers have shaped diamonds into nanoneedles that can bend and stretch, contrary to earlier notions that diamonds are hard and brittle.

Bacteria Spews Cyanide To Fend Off Predators

A team of scientists in South Korea have revealed how one bacterium inhibits predators with cyanide.

Pop In Your Contact Lenses To Read Your Glucose Levels

Researchers in South Korea have developed smart contact lenses that can monitor glucose levels using tears.

Not A Stretch To Obtain Stretchable Batteries

Scientists in South Korea have developed a battery that remains conductive even under 100 percent strain, paving the way for flexible electronics.

A Glue That’s Sticky Even Under Water

A team of Korean researchers have developed adhesives that allow for reversible binding when wet.

Improving The Efficiency Of Hydrogen Production

Using a hybrid system for the electrolysis of water, a research group in South Korea has invented a method to produce hydrogen fuel cheaply and efficiently.

A Simple Solution For Stable Perovskite Solar Cells

Researchers in South Korea have developed inexpensive and highly stable perovskite solar cells by coating perovskite in a water-resistant material.

Harnessing Sunlight And Body Heat

Scientists in Korea have developed a wearable energy harvesting device that can generate electricity from sunlight and body heat.