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Natural Science Professors Awarded TJ Park Science Fellowship

Professors Kim Kwanpyo, Kee Jung-Min, and Choi Kyudong were recognized for their work in nanomaterials, synthetic chemistry and fluid dynamics respectively.

These Self-Organizing Microspheres Swarm Like Honeybees

Soft-matter particles, named Janus colloids after the two-faced Roman god, can be manipulated with electricity to form swarms, chains and clusters, a study shows.

Octopus-Inspired Adhesive Pads Are Suckers For Transfer Printing

Researchers have designed adhesive pads that mimic the suckers on octopus tentacles.

DNA-DNA Interactions Could Influence Chromosome Structure

To carry out their roles, do DNA molecules interact with proteins—the prevailing hypothesis—or with each other? A study now provides direct evidence for the latter.

Nanoporous ‘Black Gold’ Is 30% Lighter But Twice As Solid

Researchers have developed an ultralight nanoporous gold which has increased strength and durability, while still maintaining the quality of standard gold.

Leukemia Drug Could Treat Type 2 Diabetes

A drug currently used for leukemia has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity while causing less side effects than other drugs.

Gold Layers Boost Water Splitting Efficiency

By sandwiching an ultrathin layer of titanium dioxide between gold, researchers have boosted the light absorption range of water splitting catalysts.

Melting Our Way Towards Solid-State Batteries

Researchers have developed a method to make all-solid-state lithium batteries that will not catch fire or explode.

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