ulsan national institute of science and technology

The Power Of Waste Heat

Scientists from South Korea used 3D printing to develop thermoelectric inks, which helped design tubes that can convert waste heat into electricity.

Unleashing The Potential Of Putty-Like Gallium

Researchers from South Korea have invented a new method to transform liquid gallium into a more usable paste- or putty-like form.

Too Much ETP Is Bad For The Liver

Elevated levels of endotrophin, or ETP, result in liver cell death, leading to inflammation and fibrosis of the liver, scientists find.

Converting Methane Into Useful Chemicals

Researchers have created a catalyst that can convert methane into formaldehyde at more than twice the previous efficiency.

Shielding Drug Delivery Nanoparticles From Proteins

By coating drug-containing nanoparticles in a shield of engineered proteins, scientists have created a targeted drug delivery system that may improve cancer treatment.

Turning Emissions Into Electricity

Carbon dioxide could become a potent energy source thanks to technology developed by researchers in South Korea and the US.

Bulletproof Heating Fit For A Winter Soldier

Scientists in South Korea have woven nanowires into Kevlar® plates to develop a bulletproof heating pad.

Honey, I Shrunk The Particle Accelerator

By sending a beam of particles through plasma, researchers were able to accelerate those particles efficiently without large equipment like the Large Hadron Collider.

Self-Regenerating Catalysts Help Fuel Cells Go The Distance

This highly efficient and self-regenerating catalyst could help make solid oxide fuel cells more practical.

UNIST Recognizes Six ‘Rising Star’ Scientists

The title ‘Rising-Star Distinguished Professor’ is awarded to eminent professors who are under the age of 45.