ulsan national institute of science and technology

The World’s Thinnest Oxide Semiconductor

This oxide semiconductor is just one-atom thick, opening up new possibilities for flexible, wearable technologies.

The Ancient Origins Of East Asian Ancestry

Modern day East Asian populations living in the Amur Basin can trace their ancestry to Stone Age hunter-gatherers who lived in the same area nearly 8,000 years ago.

South Korea Moves Forward With Plans For Hyperloop Train

The Hyper Tube Express could cut traveling time from Seoul to Busan from three hours to 20 minutes.

Underwater Plants Inspire More Efficient Solar Cells

Researchers in Korea have developed a new artificial leaf that can convert water into hydrogen with an efficiency of 7.7 percent.

Microwave Two Seconds For High Quality Graphene

A quick pulse in the microwave is enough to turn graphene oxide into high quality graphene, researchers say.

Detecting Heart Attacks From A Single Drop Of Blood

Using a single droplet of blood, this biosensor can detect whether a heart attack has occurred.

Could A Seawater Battery End Our Dependence On Lithium?

Researchers in South Korea have developed a way to speed up reactions in saltwater-powered batteries.

This Paint Can Turn Heat Into Electricity

Researchers have developed a thermoelectric paint that can convert almost any surface into an electricity generating one.

Capture Carbon & Generate Fuel At The Same Time

Researchers have developed a catalyst that can simultaneously remove carbon dioxide and generate new diesel fuel.