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The Gift Of The Gab Is In The Genes

Scientists have identified the genes that contribute to language learning in early childhood.

Monster Galaxies Grow By Cannibalism

Monster galaxies gain weight by eating smaller neighbors, according to Australian astronomers.

Managing Climate Change In Coastal Regions

Climatologists warn that both natural and human environments must be fully studied for a holistic understanding of climate change.

Electromagnetic Stimulation For A Better Brain?

A study shows that weak electromagnetic stimulation could reorganize the brain with few side effects.

Lentils Biofortified With Selenium

Biofortified lentils could address selenium deficiency, a risk factor for people exposed to arsenic-contaminated water.

Climate Change Models Spot On, Scientists Say

Although global warming appears to have slowed down in the last 15 years, scientists say that model projections are accurate, once the El Niño-La Niña oscillation is accounted for.

Research Needed To Resolve Fate Of Missing Plastic Debris

Plastic pollution is widespread throughout the world's oceans, but fragments smaller than one millimeter are mysteriously missing.

Helping Computers Perceive Gender

Scientists have developed a mathematical model based on 3D facial scans that enables computers to objectively perceive gender.

Tiny Plastic Dwellers Exert Big Impact On Oceans

Micro-organisms colonizing small pieces of plastic waste in the ocean might be breaking them down, but could also have negative effects such as plastic ingestion and ecosystem disruption.