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Facial Masculinity Linked To Autism

Scientists in Australia have used 3D facial images to identify a link between masculine facial features and autism.

Mitochondrial Gene Linked To Adult-Onset Obesity

Scientists in Australia have discovered that having just one copy of a mitochondrial gene called PTCD1 results in adult-onset obesity and fatty liver disease.

How Beneficial Gut Bacteria Thrive On Breastmilk

Different strains of beneficial gut bacteria have evolved independent mechanisms to make the most of the sugars found in breastmilk.

Pickled Dino Brain Masqueraded As A Pebble

The fossil is most likely from a species similar to Iguanodon, a large herbivorous dinosaur that lived about 133 million years ago.

FDA Approves Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Drug

Scientists in Australia had originally developed Eteplirsen®, a drug that treats a rare and fatal muscle-wasting disease affecting one in 3,500 boys worldwide.

Lucky Them! Scientists Sequence The Clover Genome

Australian scientists have decoded the genome of the subterranean clover, which is the most important annual pasture legume in Australia.

International Genomics Project Recognized At 2016 Eureka Awards

The FATHOM5 project, which involves the large scale genomic sequencing of human cells, was recently announced a winner at Australia's Eureka Awards.

Scientists May Have Found A Way To Prevent Scars From Forming

Scientists are developing new compounds that could stop scars from forming in the first place.

Ten Trillionths Of Your Suntan Comes From Beyond Our Galaxy

At the beach, your body is bombarded by about sextillion photons of light per second, but don’t worry, you will have to bask in it for trillions of years before it causes any long-lasting damage.

Yes, Bees Get Sexually Transmitted Diseases Too

And when they do get a sexually transmitted disease, the bees' immune system launches an efficient response to protect their sperm—and ultimately their queen—against the disease.