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Nerves ‘Letting Go’ Of Muscles Causes Loss In Muscle Function, Study

Permanent disconnection between nerves and muscles may be the reason behind progressive loss of muscle mass and function in elderly people, say Perth-based researchers.

Australia Gears Up For Square Kilometer Array Telescope With New Supercomputer

A new supercomputer that is 10,000 times faster than an average office desktop computer has been installed in preparation for Australia's Square Kilometer Array telescope.

Study: Lynch Syndrome Patients Carry Mutations That Increase Cancer Risk

Researchers have found that patients carrying genetic mutations that characterize Lynch syndrome face an increased risk of developing breast and pancreatic cancer.

New Research Links Language Problems To Lack Of Vitamin D In Womb

New research from Australia has found that children of mums who had low levels of Vitamin D during pregnancy are twice as likely to have language difficulties.

Study: Heart Failure Linked To Memory Loss, Brain Decline

Patients with heart failure have been found with worse memory function and reaction speeds compared to healthy subjects, reports a new Australian study.

Study Links Testosterone In The Womb To Language Delays In Boys

New research from Australia has found that boys who are exposed to high levels of testosterone before birth are twice as likely to experience delays in language development.

Making Good Sperm Drains Males, Scientists Say

A new study shows the production of sperm is more biologically taxing than previously thought, challenging the traditional view that sex and sperm production come cheaply to males.

A Cup Of Tea A Day, Keeps High Blood Pressure Away

A cup of tea everyday may reduce your blood pressure and lower the risk of getting heart disease, experts say.

Study: Smoking Fathers Linked To Childhood Leukemia Risk

New research by Australian scientists suggests that children whose fathers smoked around the time of conception may have a 35 percent higher risk of developing childhood leukemia.