university of western australia

Dissecting The Aftermath Of A Supernova

Two studies from the University of Western Australia shed light on what happens after a supernova explodes.

Supplement Depression Meds With B Vitamins

Taking vitamin B12 and folate daily could help patients on depression medication reduce their risk of relapse.

Graphene Nanoflakes Make Reactions Quicker

Graphene nanoflakes have been shown to increase the speed of catalytic reactions by stabilizing the intermediate transition state.

Common Cytomegalovirus Linked To Autoimmunity

Scientists have uncovered a link between the common cytomegalovirus infection and autoimmune disease.

How Malaria Has Shaped The Human Genome

A study of over 12,000 patients shows that the environmental pressure of malaria as exerted a significant force on the human genome.

Dark Matter Half What We Thought

New calculations reveal that there is only half has much dark matter in the Milky way as previously thought.

Human Genes & Coffee Beans

Whether or not you like coffee is determined by just six genetic loci, according to the largest genetic study on the topic to date.

Diet Affects Sperm Competitiveness

A study using artificial insemination in guppies shows that omega-3 fatty acids gives sperm a competitive advantage.

The Journey From Stem Cell To Blood Cell Revealed

Scientists have created a comprehensive catalog of the changes in RNA as stem cells commit to different blood cell lineages.