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Ants Have Human-Like Color Vision

Understanding how ants process trichromatic color vision with their limited brains could help scientists develop autonomous robots.

Sunflower Enzyme Both Cuts & Glues Proteins

Asparaginyl endopeptidase are unusual enzymes that can simultaneously perform energy efficient cutting and ligation reactions.

Data Reveals A Century Of Spectacular Wheat Yields In China

China's wheat productivity has gone from one tonne per hectare in 1945 to five tonnes per hectare in 2013.

Beards As Badges Of Honor?

In primates, ostentatious markings could serve to make males more attractive to females and more intimidating to other males.

Naked Oats Clean Up Radioactive Soil

Naked oat plants are able to remove 1.4 percent of radioactive strontium from contaminated soil after 120 days.

Unboiling Eggs: Cracking The Protein Folding Problem

The ability to re-fold proteins thousands of times faster than before could lead to cheaper antibody-based drugs.

Enforcing Kids’ Screen Time Limits “Virtually Impossible”

Most parents struggle to limit their children's screen time to less than two hours a day, study says.

Reducing Anxiety With Brain Stimulation

Just 20 minutes of brain stimulation could help reduce the unhelpful patterns of attention associated with high levels of anxiety, study says.

Female Sea Urchins Hedge Their Bets In Mating Game

Female sea urchins that have many mates also have higher offspring survival rates.