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For Some Female Birds, Home Is More Important Than Husband

Female purple-crowned fairy-wrens are in such fierce competition over territory that they are willing to ‘divorce’ their male partners for a better patch, a study shows.

Stars That Live Fast & Die Young

Researchers have found that some stars in a nearby globular cluster are dying prematurely as they skip the Red Giant phase in their growth.

Ridding Bacteria Of Their ‘Anchors’ To Stop Infections

Bacteria grow nanofilaments that help them latch on to our insides; blocking the protein responsible could help in fighting off infections.

Space Dust Reveals Earth’s Ancient Atmosphere

By analyzing fossil micrometeorites, or space dust, scientists can turn back time to 2.7 billion years ago.

Female Hormone Drug Could Help Treat Asthma

Relaxin, a hormone produced during childbirth, is anti-fibrotic—a characteristic that could help treat lungs damaged by asthma.

China & Australia Universities Partner On Ionic Liquids Research Center

Monash University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have signed a first-ever Memorandum of Understanding to partner on ionic liquids research.

Snake Venom May Hold Key To Alzheimer’s Treatment

A molecule found in pit viper venom activates enzymes that break down amyloid plaques in the brain, which are commonly associated with Alzheimer's.

Stonefish Venom Research Could Combat Transplant Rejection

Understanding the crystal structure of stonefish toxin could help scientists design drugs that prevent transplant rejection driven by the perforin immune response.

Protein Linking Diabetes & Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Found

Fetuin B, which is present in high levels in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients, impairs the action of insulin in the body.