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A Sticky Upgrade For Paper-Based Tests

Scientists have developed a method to test for metal ions in both liquid and solid samples using paper and adhesive tape.

Asia’s Calcium Intake “Alarmingly Low”

Scientists of the International Osteoporosis Foundation have discovered that Southern and Eastern Asians had the world's lowest average calcium intakes.

Pregnancy Complications Linked To Heart Disease Risk In Offspring

Children whose mothers experienced pregnancy complications were almost three times more likely to develop heart disease.

India Embraces Eliminate Dengue’s Wolbachia Program

India joins Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Colombia to become the sixth country in the Eliminate Dengue Program using the Wolbachia method.

Quasiparticles Caught In Real Time

Scientists have used ultracold quantum gasses to make quasiparticles slow down enough to be observed.

Eight Glasses Of Water A Day May Be Too Much

A study suggests that drinking water according to thirst is preferable to strictly following the 'eight glasses a day' rule.

Here’s Why That Poison Ivy Rash Itches So Much

Researchers have found the molecular cause of poison ivy irritation, bringing us a step closer to drugs that block the itch.

Overconfidence Leads To Poor Decisions: Study

There could be some truth to the saying that pride comes before a fall, as neuroscientists reveal how overconfidence can lead to poor decision-making.

Immune-Boosting Drug Shows Promise For Treating Lupus

A drug used in immunotherapy could help suppress the overactive immune system of lupus patients in much lower doses, a study suggests.

Scientists Discover T Cells That Play Hide-And-Seek With HIV

Viruses like HIV can conceal themselves from the immune system, but a specialized type of killer T cell can seek out their hiding spots, a study shows.