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Graphene Macrostructures Inspired By Cork

Scientists have taken inspiration from one of the oldest natural materials to develop macroscopic structures of graphene.

OPINION: Asian Century White Paper Sets Tricky Targets For Universities

Australia should aim for six or eight of its universities to be ranked in the top 100 globally, writes Prof. Simon Marginson of the University of Melbourne.

Save Australia’s ‘Frozen Zoo’

Australia’s “Frozen Zoo” – the only facility of its kind on the continent – is facing funding difficulties, writes Professor Ian Gunn, its co-founder.

Specialized Immune Cells Use Vitamin B To Recognize Infection

Researchers have discovered how specialized immune cells recognize products of vitamin B synthesis that are unique to bacteria and yeast, triggering the body to fight infection.

Why Women Outlive Men… In Flies

Scientists are beginning to understand one of life's enduring mysteries - why women live, on average, longer than men.

Doctors Pioneer ‘Lotus Valve’ Heart Surgery

Doctors have successfully inserted a fully repositionable replacement heart valve without the need for open-heart surgery.

Australian Researchers To Study Chronic Disease In Rural India

A new $1 million Australian government grant will fund a landmark study of the relationship between income and high blood pressure in rural India this year.

A Dark Chocolate A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

In fantastic news for all chocolate lovers around the world, researchers say that a daily dose of dark chocolate may lower the risk of stroke and heart attack over a ten-year period.

Life On Mars: Just Add Carbon And Stir

Martian meteorites that fell to Earth may contain building blocks of life, says Marion Anderson from Monash University.