China & Australia Universities Partner On Ionic Liquids Research Center

Monash University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have signed a first-ever Memorandum of Understanding to partner on ionic liquids research.

AsianScientist (May 5, 2016) – Academics from Australia and China have formally signed an agreement of a partnership between Monash University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

The Memorandum of Understanding will see the creation of the China Australia Center for Ionic Liquids, and involves an enhanced exchange of staff, students and resources between the two institutions.

This partnership with CAS’ Institute for Process Engineering builds on the reputation of the Monash Ionic Liquids Group (MILG), which has been developing ionic materials and their applications for over fifteen years.

Ionic liquids are a family of ionic solvents—salts that are liquid at or around room temperature—that have extensive applications in sustainable chemistry and energy generation and storage.

Potential areas of use include advanced battery technology for electric vehicles; dissolving materials for use in biofuel synthesis; and stabilizing therapeutic proteins for medicinal use.

MILG lead scientist, Professor Doug Macfarlane, highlighted the formation of the Joint Center as a new era in closer collaboration.

Having already made strides in the field of ionic liquids, the partnership boosts Monash’s exposure to opportunities in Chinese industry in fields such as energy storage.

“The Center will cement relationships between our two organizations and support exchange of research students and young researchers between the laboratories, expanding their experience and access to facilities, as well as encouraging industry engagement, particularly in China,” said Professor Bart Follink, head of the School of Chemistry at Monash University.


Source: Monash University.
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