monash university

Ultrathin Graphene Oxide Lens Developed

A highly flexible lens that is 300 times thinner than a sheet of paper could spur the development of next-generation optical systems.

Opening Up The Gateway To A Cell’s Batteries

How do large, complex molecules enter the mitochondria from the cytosol? Real time atomic-resolution images now reveal the architecture of the gateway proteins involved.

Treatment For Rare Neonatal Disease Found

An international team of physicians has found a treatment for molybdenum cofactor deficiency Type-A, a rare neonatal disease.

Type 2 Diabetes Linked With Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists have established an association between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease biomarkers.

A New Way To Look At Embryos

A non-invasive imaging technique that allows the visualization of developing embryos has changed our understanding of the earliest stages of life.

Single-Dose Malaria Drug Reaches Human Trials

A long-lasting single-dose malaria drug in phase II clinical trials provides hope for malaria-infected patients.

Monash Launches Translational PhD Program

Monash University has launched a graduate program focused on training candidates for careers in translational research.

Near-Atomic Resolution Of Nanocrystal Structure

By combining the latest techniques in both the physical and life sciences, researchers have developed a method to obtain high resolution images of nanoparticles.

Crowd Computing Used To Improve Water Filtration

Using the IBM Community Grid, researchers have shown how tiny oscillations in carbon nanotubes can be exploited to filter water.