clean technology

Singapore To Build Waste-To-Energy Research Facility

The National Environment Agency of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University will be co-funding the development of this research facility.

Nanofilter Uses Less Energy To Purify Wastewater

The nanofilter, which combines two of the final steps in the wastewater treatment process, could reduce the energy needed by up to five times.

Melaka Road Lighting Project To Install 100,000 LED Road Lights (VIDEO)

The Malaysian state of Melaka is about to get brighter and greener with the installation of more than 100,000 energy efficient road lights.

When Lightning Strikes The Clock Tower

Marty McFly and the Doc travel in time by using the energy of lightning in Back to the Future, but is it really possible to generate electricity from a lightning bolt?

Government Should Help Drive Taiwan’s Solar Panel Industry: Study

For solar panel producers in Taiwan to compete on the world stage, they need government support, a study says.

ROBUST Desalination Membrane Resists Biofouling

Researchers have developed a hybrid water purification membrane that can resist the harsh chemicals used for cleaning.

Nano-Fasteners Make Fuel Cells A Snap

Scientists have used nanofabricated pillars to make the bond between electrodes and membranes in fuel cells five times stronger.

Hanhai & SFU Launch China-Canada Commercialization Network

The China-Canada Commercialization & Acceleration Network (C2-CAN) aims to promote venture growth in both countries.

NTU Singapore Launches Region’s First Maritime Energy Test Bed

The Maritime Energy Test Bed will help develop green solutions for the shipping industry and serve as an educational platform for students.