clean technology

Street Lamp Targets Dengue Fever

A wind- and solar-powered LED light that attracts and traps mosquitoes could help reduce the number of dengue cases in Asia.

Silicone Sponges Effectively Separate Oil From Water

By incorporating silane molecules in to silicone sponges, scientists were able to create highly efficient sponges that can mop up oil-based products mixed in water.

Cleaning The Oceans With Sulfur And Orange Peels

An unlikely pair—sulfur and orange peels—form a new material that can absorb toxic mercury from both the ocean and the soil.

Efficiency Of Solar-Powered Electrolysis Doubled

Having reached a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of more than 24 percent, it may soon be feasible to harness the sun to split water.

Flick The Switch For Bacteria-Made Biofuels

Using in silico modeling and simulation, scientists have engineered a more efficient enzyme for the production of n-butanol in bacteria.

Tuning Carbon Nanotubes To Capture Greenhouse Gases

By tweaking the physical parameters of carbon nanotubes, researchers were able to increase the absorption of greenhouse gases.

Singapore’s BCA Launches New Lab & Sustainability Scheme

Singapore's Building and Construction Authority SkyLab is the world’s first high-rise rotatable laboratory for the tropics.

High-Performance Artificial Photosynthesis Without Noble Metals

An efficient catalyst that does not make use of expensive metals such as platinum could help make hydrogen generation economical.

Clean Tech Collaboration Center For Asia-Pac Launched

The Asia-Pacific UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Center aims to help developing countries in the region kickstart projects to mitigate climate change.