Hanhai & SFU Launch China-Canada Commercialization Network

The China-Canada Commercialization & Acceleration Network (C2-CAN) aims to promote venture growth in both countries.

AsianScientist (Nov. 16, 2015) – Hanhai Zhiye Investment Management Group (Hanhai) and their corporate partners have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Simon Fraser University (SFU) to launch the Hanhai-SFU China-Canada Commercialization & Acceleration Network (C2-CAN). The MOU was signed in Beijing by Hanhai Chairman Wang Hanguang and SFU President Andrew Petter in November, 2015.

Hanhai is a high-tech conglomerate established in 2003 by science and technology experts, scholars, overseas graduates, and elites of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University, Stanford University, and others.

To date, it has established five technology incubators in China and, with 300,000 square meters of technological parks. In China, C2-CAN will be based at Hanhai’s global headquarters in the Galaxy Soho building located in Beijing’s Dongchen District.

C2-CAN’s mission is to support commercialization of advanced technologies originating from China and Canada. The network will connect technology innovators and entrepreneurial leaders with the people, programs and resources needed to accelerate venture growth in both countries.

“C2-CAN will enable Canadian entrepreneurs and early-stage companies to reach across international borders,” said Petter. “The accelerator program will facilitate the development of sustainable, high-growth businesses, while expanding opportunities for collaborative research and commercialization of technology.”

Innovators and start-ups participating in the program will be eligible for international soft landing assistance, including access to incubator facilities, business training, angel investors and venture capital. Semi-annual business development exchanges between Canada and China are planned starting in 2016. Participating Canadian startups will be able to access incubator facilities, services and programs at Hanhai locations in California and Germany as well as throughout China.

“The relationship will generate value and benefits for both partners by connecting entrepreneurs and innovation opportunities with investors and bigger markets in both the short and long term,” said Wang.

As part of the multi-sector C2-CAN initiative, Hanhai has also partnered with Tsinghua Holdings Co. Ltd., Jilin Ruite Environmental Protection Group and Henan New Future Investment Inc. in forming a dedicated joint venture. The China-Canada Cleantech Innovation Center will assist and invest in clean technology and other broad innovations and startups participating in the C2-CAN.

The network is the latest initiative of SFU Innovates, Simon Fraser’s recently launched innovation and entrepreneurship strategy. It will have a presence in SFU’s new VentureLabs® facility in downtown Vancouver.

In addition to linking the network to SFU’s new VentureLabs® facility in Vancouver, SFU and Hanhai will explore opportunities to develop new specialized research and development facilities at SFU’s Burnaby and Surrey campuses, supporting innovation and commercialization in the clean technology and life science sectors.


Source: Simon Fraser University.
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