clean technology

Add Nickel For Cheaper Water Splitting

With the help of nickel, researchers have developed efficient molybdenum disulphide catalysts that operate at both acidic and neutral pH.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Quenching Asia-Pacific’s Insatiable Thirst For Energy

We turn the spotlight on the Asia-Pacific region, which will consume more than half of the world's energy by 2035.

Building A Better Battery: Storage Solutions For Asia’s Energy Goals

Asia has set ambitious renewable energy targets for itself but is still missing one crucial piece of the puzzle—ways to store power from intermittent renewable sources. Could homegrown technologies fill the gap?

Editor’s Note – July 2015 Print Magazine

Clean technology will play an increasingly important role in meeting Asia's growing energy needs. This issue, we delve into the companies and personalities leading the way.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Aisa Mijeno

As part of our monthly Asia's Rising Scientists series, we talk to Aisa Mijeno, professor at De La Salle University—Lipa and co-founder & CEO of SALt.

Shuji Nakamura Named 2015 Global Energy Prize Laureate

Professor Shuji Nakamura has been selected as the 2015 Global Energy Laureate for his work on LED technology.

NTU & TUM Launch Made-In-Singapore Electric Taxi

Named EVA, the electric taxi is specially adapted to the tropics, with energy-efficient air conditioning and other features.

Indian Railways To Run On Diesel That Used To Be Plastic

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Petroleum have developed a method to convert plastic into diesel.

Enzyme Cocktail Turns Biomass Into Hydrogen

Corn stover could be a new source of hydrogen gas, thanks to a carefully selected cocktail of enzymes.