Singapore To Build Waste-To-Energy Research Facility

The National Environment Agency of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University will be co-funding the development of this research facility.

AsianScientist (Jul. 19, 2016) – Singapore’s National Environment Agency has signed a Collaboration Agreement with Nanyang Technological University to co-fund the development of a S$40 million (~US$29.6 million) waste-to-energy (WTE) research facility.

The first of its kind in Singapore, the facility will enable the translation of emerging WTE technologies from research to demonstration and test-bedding. The facility is expected to be commissioned by late 2018 and will also provide manpower training to build up technical competencies in WTE domain areas.

Possible demonstration and test-bedding projects to be conducted at the facility include turning waste and biomass into synthetic gas (syngas), cleaning and upgrading syngas to run a gas engine or turbine for higher energy recovery efficiency, and low-grade heat recovery.


Source: NTU.
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