big data

When Your Doctor Knows It All

IBM Watson is changing the practice of healthcare in both hospitals and homes with its ability to learn and apply huge volumes of information.

When Science Helps Governments Manage Risk And Innovation

Robust scientific evidence can help governments deal with threats and get the most out of new technologies, said UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Mark Walport.

Singapore Invests US$107 Million In Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Singapore has launched a concerted and well-funded push towards developing robust AI and Big Data capabilities on a national-scale.

WuXi NextCODE Raises US$75 Million In Series B Financing

WuXi NextCODE has raised US$75 million from investors including Temasek and Yunfeng Capital to roll out their genomic data platform across China and beyond.

TSUBAME3.01 Set To Be Japan’s Largest Supercomputer

Equipped with over 2,000 of the latest NVIDIA GPUs, TSUBAME3.0 will give Japan an additional 47.2 petaFLOPS of supercomputing power.

NUS Teams Up With Alibaba Cloud & EZ-Link For Real-World Data Science

EZ-Link will provide the data while Alibaba Cloud has pledged US$500,000 in cloud credits.

Green Is The New Black

Supercomputers are power guzzlers, but researchers like Professor Satoshi Matsuoka are leading the charge for greener, more energy-efficient machines.

PolyU & Huawei Set Up Joint Lab

The first joint laboratory of high-capacity optical communications and advanced computing systems in Hong Kong has been launched.

UNSW, Tata Consultancy To Jointly Develop Futuristic Tech

The University of New South Wales and Tata Consultancy have agreed to collaborate in the areas of machine learning, virtual reality, robotics, data analytics and cloud computing.