big data

SMU Launches US$3.3 Million Center For AI And Data Governance

The new Center for AI and Data Governance will focus on three integrated streams—AI and society; AI and industry; and AI and commercialization.

HKU And Microsoft Team Up For AI Research

The partnership grants HKU researchers and students access to Microsoft’s AI platforms and will further research in healthcare, fintech and smart city applications.

Helping Data Go Around The World

A high-performance, high-capacity network specially built for research purposes, the Global Research Platform will help scientists all over the world move and manage giant datasets.

When Small Startups Take On Big Data

Big data analytics startups combine deep domain knowledge with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to help companies as diverse as banks and shipping firms solve complex problems.

Try Clothes On In A ‘Virtual Fitting Room’ (VIDEO)

Researchers in Hong Kong have created an app that can accurately capture various body measurements from just two photographs.

Using Big Data To Personalize Cancer Treatment

Researchers have identified a panel of 29 extracellular matrix genes that can determine how different lung cancer patients respond to treatment.

A Dose Of (Virtual) Reality

With virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies blurring the seams between reality and fantasy, everyone from startups to academia and even NASA wants a slice of the action.

Is This Town Big Enough?

What does Singapore’s recent push towards deep technology mean for the country’s more mature life sciences sector?

WuXi Raises US$240 Million In Series B Funding

The investment will accelerate the growth of WuXi NextCODE's platform infrastructure and bring new users onboard through precision medicine and diagnostics partnerships.