big data

Discovering Drugs Through Big Data

Wuhan University researchers develop FingerDTA: an algorithm to predict drug-target binding affinities.

Storing Big Data In A Tiny Space

By combining graphene oxide with upconversion nanoparticles, researchers have found a way to store large amounts of data on an optical disk.

Data Is The New Oil And Electricity

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly pervasive in our daily lives, policies and laws need to be examined for the protection of and access to the data driving it, experts said.

Students Take The Stage

Given time, training and resources, students can achieve amazing feats, as demonstrated by the teams taking part in the 2019 APAC HPC-AI Competition.

Taking Measure Of The World We Live In

As big data changes the way we conduct business, how we communicate that large volume of information to the public will also change, said experts at the SMU Communications Management Colloquium.

Tech Doing Good

From cleaning up mountains of untreated sludge to making railway stations fully solar-powered, technology is an ally to those hoping to solve Asia’s environmental problems.

The Race To Exascale

Professor Lu Yutong shares how China’s past experiences have shaped the country’s supercomputing efforts, and calls for more collaboration among Asian countries.
Data Mover Challenge 2019

Move It!

Teams raced to move two terabytes of data across five different countries in the inaugural ‘Move that Data!’ Data Mover Challenge.

WeDoctor’s Jerry Liao: Medicine For The Masses

WeDoctor founder and CEO Mr. Jerry Liao Jieyuan shares how artificial intelligence is changing the Chinese healthcare system.

WuXi And CECD Join Forces To Create Big Data Solutions For Healthcare

The joint venture will use big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to advance research in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.