big data

Happy Or Sad? This Face Recognition Technology Reads Your Emotions (VIDEO)

Meet FaceRecog, the machine that knows how you are feeling today.

Traffic Woes? Big Data To The Rescue

OpenTraffic, an open-source big data platform, provides real-time traffic data to transportation agencies and city planners in Manila in the hopes of reducing traffic congestion.

Japanese Research Institutes Partner On Cosmology Project

The partnership between Japan's Kavli IPMU and the Institute of Statistical Mathematics will bring statistics, data analytics and modeling to the field of astronomy.

Big Data Versus The Next Big Outbreak

We now have vast amounts of information at our fingertips; could we use it to tackle some of the most challenging and complex public health issues the world is facing today?

Huawei & BGI Partner On Big Data Genome Storage Project

Huawei and BGI have formed a tag team to develop big data genome storage systems and improve the efficiency of genomic research.

Social Threat Contexts Mapped To Cortical Networks

Communication networks, and not single cells or brain regions, are responsible for contextual processing in primate brains.

Big Data Collaboration To Improve Chronic Disease Management

Duke-NUS and Holmusk partner to mine Singapore's healthcare big data, targeting chronic conditions like diabetes and mental health.

Giving Economic Data A Voice

SMU Professor Su Liangjun is developing new techniques in econometrics to provide a more realistic understanding of the economy.

7 Must-Read Stories In May 2015

From classical music to educational achievements, there are the top stories that captured your attention in May.