The Genetics Of Aging Revealed In Worms

Scientists in China have discovered how the rate of aging differs among populations by studying the genes of nematode worms.

Breaking The Silence On Osteoporosis

Half of the people who suffered a fragility fracture were unaware that it is a symptom of osteoporosis, according to a survey conducted by the Fight the Fracture campaign.

How Toxic Proteins Mess With Your Brain

The buildup of mutant proteins with too many glutamine residues causes disease by disrupting the number of Golgi in the dendrites of brain cells.

Removing Old Cells Could Prevent Arthritis

An experimental drug has been shown to prevent osteoarthritis in mice by selectively removing aged cells.

The Economics Of Ageing Well

SMU's Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing aims to find out what can be done to help older Singaporeans live better.

Why Progeria Patients Grow Old Before Their Time

A high-throughput screening study has identified a drug that could help slow down aging in patients with progeria.

How The ‘Longevity Gene’ Gets By With A Little Help From Its Friends

Researchers have identified a region in SIRT1 that controls how it binds to other proteins and thereby affects downstream metabolic pathways.

Elderly Chinese Living Longer But Faring Poorer

People in China are living longer but individuals in the oldest-old population experience poorer physical and cognitive function.

How Inflammation Causes Aging

Controlling intestinal inflammation could be one way to prevent aging, at least in mice.