Health And Wealth: A Shock To The System

Health shocks can negatively impact the long-term wealth of Singapore’s elderly, according to data from a monthly survey conducted by SMU’s Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA).

How Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease Hide Their Forgetfulness

A research group at Kumamoto University, Japan, has found that patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often engage in face-saving behaviour to hide their loss of memory.

Wanted: Managers With A Human Touch

ESSEC’s Master of Science in Management of Health Industries program offers a unique Asian take on the healthcare industry and gives students a chance to launch exciting careers.

The Eldercare Ecosystem: It Takes A Village

While certain challenges faced by seniors from Singapore’s major ethnic communities may be distinct, others cut across ethnic lines and need to be addressed in an integrated fashion, said community leaders at CREA’s panel discussion on the elderly.

How Metformin Might Slow Down Aging In Humans

Metformin might be able to prevent aging in human cells by acting through the Nrf2-GPx7 pathway, researchers say.

Alibaba Launches First AI Research Institute Outside Of China

NTU Singapore and Alibaba Group have launched a joint research institute for developing artificial intelligence technologies.

Soy Supplement Reduces Muscle Loss In Mice

Mice fed on a diet supplemented with a soy isoflavone had reduced muscle loss following experimentally-induced nerve damage, researchers say.

The Link Between Diet, Longevity and Sex In Worms

Scientists in Japan have discovered that caloric restriction confers longevity to hermaphrodite worms but not male worms.

The Face Of Future Employment

As more elderly Singaporeans face the prospect of working well into their sixties, the gig economy may become an important avenue of employment.