Caring Cyborgs

Robots may be good at following instructions, but could they also be our companions and caregivers?

Eisai & Keio University To Pursue Innovation In Dementia Drugs

The collaboration taps on Keio University's strengths in iPS technology and supercentenarian research.

Ageing Isn’t A Tsunami

Are Singaporeans financially prepared for retirement and ageing? Researchers at the SMU Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing are finding out.

Staying Socially Active Is Good For The Aging: Study

Elderly people who participated in social activities were less likely to experience a decline in their ability to perform daily functions, a study shows.

Three Teams Win Seed Funding For Silver Tech Solutions

Modern Aging Singapore 2016 has awarded a total of S$125,000 in seed funding to help bring solutions for the elderly to market.

Our Immunity Decreases In Old Age Due To Lack Of Support

Immune cells called naïve T-cells start to disappear as we age, possibly due to deterioration in the environment that supports the survival of these cells, a study shows.

What Finding Dory Teaches Us About Memory Loss

More than a children's animated movie, Finding Dory is a surprisingly accurate portrayal of someone with anterograde amnesia, or the inability to form new memories.

Protein Found To Slow Onset Of Alzheimer’s

The protein interleukin-33, which regulates immune function, has also been found to reduce deposits of beta-amyloid plaques in the brains of mice.

Home-Based Palliative Care Just As Good Or Even Better

Cancer patients cared for at home tend to live longer than those in hospitals, according to a study from Japan.