7 Must-Read Stories In October 2018

October was Nobel season—check out our stories on Physiology or Medicine laureates Professor Tasuku Honjo (2018) and Sir Richard J. Roberts (1993).

Amino Acid Reduces Age-Related Weight Gain In Mice

Mice receiving serine dissolved in drinking water accumulated less body fat and experienced less oxidative stress.

7 Must-Read Stories In September 2018

Asia's ascendance on the global research stage was a central theme of this month's most-read articles.

Wearable LED Device Helps Mice To Regrow Hair

Researchers in South Korea have developed a flexible, wearable device that speeds up hair growth in mice.

Happiness Is Key To A Long And Healthy Life

Happy older people have a 19 percent lower likelihood of dying compared to their less happy peers, scientists say.

Making Retirement A Gig For Life

How prepared are gig workers for retirement, and how can older Singaporeans steer clear of financial mistakes? CREA researchers considered these questions at a roundtable on ageing and financial preparedness.

Turning The Hourglass Sideways

Science is challenging the notion that aging is an inescapable fact of life. Here are six strategies that have been shown to prolong life in model organisms, and, in some cases, even humans.

Longevity In A Bottle

With an understanding of the fundamental biological processes that drive aging, researchers are now searching for drugs that could prolong life.

Old Age, New Tech

As the silver tsunami hits shores across the globe, robots and other assistive technologies are being deployed to meet the needs of the elderly.