Spousal Illness Impacts Women More Than Men

A study of elderly Taiwanese couples shows that caring for a sick husband raises the wife's blood sugar levels.

Spatial Abilities Protected From Aging

Unlike cognitive abilities, the part of the brain associated with spatial skills appears to be preserved during the aging process.

Shorter Sleep, Faster Aging

The less an elderly person sleeps each day, the greater their decline in cognitive function, study shows.

Death Of Aged Olfactory Neurons Reversed

Scientists were able to prevent the death of olfactory neurons in aging flies, thereby restoring innate food attraction behavior.

Studying The Flow Of Jobs And Money

SMU Associate Professor Nicolas Jacquet is a theoretical economist who investigates the forces at work in asset and labour markets. He examines issues such as asset liquidity and the impact of limited enforcement of contracts on the mobility of workers.

WHO: Global Life Expectancy Increases By Six Years

Lowered child mortality, success in addressing noncommunicable disease and declining tobacco use have contributed to the global increase in life expectancy, says WHO.

Obesity Causes Bone And Muscle Loss In Men, Study

As men get fatter, their bones and muscles get weaker, an Australian study has found.

NTU Hosts Bone Tissue Engineering Congress In Singapore

Clinicians, scientists and engineers gathered at the Bone-tec conference in Singapore to discuss the latest in bone tissue engineering.

Vascular Changes In Neck Could Play Role In Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers have found a link between hemodynamic abnormality in the brain and a higher frequency of white matter changes in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s.