Women Get More Out Of Exercise Than Men Do

Researchers say that the study findings might encourage more women to start exercising.

How Sika Deer’s Overpopulation Led To Forest Decline in Kyushu

Sika deer ate away the understorey vegetation of Kyushu's Beech forest, leading to soil erosion and exposed roots in the area.

Bilingualism Can Boost Cognitive Health In Later Life

Bilingualism enhances cognitive reserve by improving social cue interpretations. Such benefits persist till later in life.

Gum Disease Might Be A Precursor To Diabetes

Study shows how gum disease and diabetes interact. It suggests that "RESISTIN" molecule can be targeted to treat gum disease patients and reduce diabetes risk

A Big Feat: Scientists Have Turned Skin Cells Into Limb Cells

The finding opens up possibilities for using these transformed cells in regenerative therapies.

“Worm Gut” Bacteria Might Help Speed Up Plastic Degradation

Scientists in Singapore isolated gut bacteria of super worms and demonstrated how they can help cut plastic pollution.

Lack of LGBTQIA+ Topics in Indian Psychiatry Training

The study highlights urgent need for LGBTQIA+-inclusive training in Indian psychiatry residencies.

Women Transforming Science

On this International Women’s Day, Asian Scientist Magazine speaks to six inspiring women in STEM who are leading their fields and have messages for younger women scientists in the region.

Bullying Could Lead To Psychosis In Teens

The study shows that bullying could alter the levels of neurotransmitter, Glutamate, which is linked with psychosis.

Climate Change In South China Sea Can Impact Global Weather

The continued warming in the South China Sea is likely to lead to increased precipitation in South Asia and East Asia.