A Triple Threat Against Cancer

A three-in-one approach combining immune checkpoint inhibition, tumor microenvironment targeting and chemotherapy drugs could help tackle difficult-to-treat tumors.

Severe COVID-19 Linked To Neanderthal Gene

A long stretch of DNA inherited from an interbreeding event with Neanderthals some 60,000 years ago has been linked to increase risk of severe COVID-19.

Children And Superspreaders As Transmitters Of COVID-19

Most people infected with COVID-19 did not transmit the disease, but those that did tended to be superspreaders, according to a large study conducted in India.

Conquering One Outbreak After Another (VIDEO)

Leading viral immunologist Professor Lisa Ng is leveraging modern tools in the age-old battle against disease-causing pathogens.

The Frontiers Of Food

The key to securing long-term food security is investing in innovative technologies like alternative proteins, said experts at IPI’s AgriFood Innovation Webinar.

Tackling Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Targeting a cytokine called IL-34 could help patients with a drug-resistant form of breast cancer known as triple negative breast cancer.

Carving A Niche—An Interview With Hitoshi Yoshino Of Japan IP Network

With their expertise and wide network in technology and commercial domains, Japan IP Network supports overseas businesses that wish to realize their potential in the Japanese market through open innovation.

AI Boosts Biomaterials Design

Machine learning can now predict the properties of hypothetical materials with great accuracy, paving the way for AI-enabled materials design.

Squeezing Synthetic Oil From A Stone

Scientists in Japan have used a boron-based reaction to create synthetic oil at room temperature, paving the way for greener oil production.

The Future Of Food In Singapore

To achieve 30 percent local food production by 2030, Singapore’s most innovative minds are turning to genome editing, artificial intelligence and even microalgae-based proteins.