From Turning Doorknobs To Queuing Ducks – It’s The Ig Nobel Prize!

Two research groups from Asia are part of this year’s Ig Nobel Prize, which honor achievements that make people laugh, then think.

A Weather Website For Laotian Farmers

Partnering with the Laotian government, researchers have developed a weather website that helps farmers adapt to climate change and fight food insecurity.
Illustration depicting cancer mutations

Using AI To Detect Cancer Mutations

Researchers from Singapore develop a new AI-based method to accurately detect cancer mutations in patient samples.

Answering Unmet Needs With The Singapore Biodesign Innovation Fellowship

Singapore Biodesign supports local health tech innovators with a robust program, mentorship, workshops and valuable opportunities to meet investors.
Humble leadership

Humble Leadership Boosts Learning And Growth

Teachers share and learn better together under humble leadership, according to researchers from China and the United States.

Supporting Safe And Efficient Work With cPass™ Testing

GenScript’s cPass serology test helped one construction firm, AcroMeta Group, ensure employees could make informed decisions on their individual COVID-19 risk and prevention.
Overhead view of urban housing development with very minimal greenery present. This is a common sight in many urban settlements, especially in the Global South.

Inequitable Access To Greenspaces

Greenspace inequality in the Global South is almost twice that in the Global North, shows a study by researchers from Hong Kong and the United States.
Microplastic Pollution in Oceans Final

An Eco-Friendly Filter For Our Big Microplastic Problem

Two South Korean research teams have built a nanogenerator for filtering microplastics out of our oceans to protect marine life and public health.

Ultrasound Exposure: Making Waves In Depression Treatment

Ultrasound exposure could potentially reduce depression symptoms, reveals a study in rodents by Japanese researchers

Rooting Life Science Research In Reliability

Having the right laboratory balances and water purification systems not only helps to optimize workflows, but also ensures consistency and repeatability in life science research.