Rapid, Rigorous And Robust: How Singapore Approved Its COVID-19 Vaccines

No shortcuts were taken in the COVID-19 vaccine review processes, says Professor John Lim, executive director of the Centre of Regulatory Excellence at Duke-NUS Medical School.

Taking Stock Of Poor HPV Vaccine Coverage In Japan

HPV vaccine hesitancy in Japan could result in 5,000 additional deaths from the disease, a study by Japan and Australia scientists suggests.

Making Vaccines About Science, Not Politics

In the wake of political turmoil and widespread misinformation around Dengvaxia in the Philippines, public confidence in vaccines has plummeted sharply, says a new study. What can be done to hold back the slide?

Vaccine Cuts Nepal’s Japanese Encephalitis Rate

Researchers have confirmed the success of vaccination against Japanese encephalitis in Nepal.

Cipla Launches Hepatitis B Vaccine In India

Cipla's hepatitis B vaccine can prevent 95 percent of the recipients from developing a chronic infection, protecting them for decades.

Vaccination: A Cost-Effective Way To Prevent Rabies Deaths In India

A new study shows that over the course of five years, vaccinating 200,000 stray dogs a year would reduce rabies incidence in humans by 90 percent.

Vaccinating Kids Against Influenza Beneficial For Thailand

Using a mathematical model, scientists have shown that seasonal influenza jabs for children would be cost-effective for Thailand.

Guilin Pharma Launches Anti-Malaria Film In Africa

In partnership with the National Malaria Control Program, Guilin Pharma has produced an educational video to promote malaria prevention.

Antibiotic-Resistant Typhoid Tracked & Targeted For Vaccination

Vaccines rather than antimicrobials should be used in the fight against typhoid fever, researchers say.

Weaker Vaccine Causing Whooping Cough Surge

A switch to a vaccine with fewer side effects between 1992 to 1997 could explain the whooping cough resurgence, scientists say.