Catching Up On Lost Sleep Doesn’t Help Sleep-Deprived Brains

Weekend lie-ins and a few early bedtimes can ease a busy work week, but don’t help with sleep deprivation.

Internet Addiction Can Cause Brain Changes In Adolescents

Internet addiction negatively impacts social, academic and professional lives. In severe cases, people may experience physical pain, health issues and psychiatric problems.

How Sika Deer’s Overpopulation Led To Forest Decline in Kyushu

Sika deer ate away the understorey vegetation of Kyushu's Beech forest, leading to soil erosion and exposed roots in the area.

How An Animal Rescue Tool Helped Control Rabies In An Indian City

The monitoring tool might still be underestimating the disease's true prevalence.

Lasers Help Probe Past Climates In Ice Cores

Researchers from RIKEN have developed a laser melting sampler to study ancient glacial ice cores.

How Fear Affects What We See

Scientists in Japan have identified a cluster of neurons in fruit flies that control their instinct to avoid potentially scary objects.

Scientists Identify Protein That Contributes To Fibrosis

VGLL3 protein causes fibrosis in various internal organs by overproducing collagen.