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Meteorite Hints At Hidden Water On The Moon

The discovery of moganite in a lunar meteorite found in northwestern Africa suggests that water may be abundant on the Moon.

Humans Can Perceive Without Seeing

Through a visual search experiment, a research team in Japan has shown that we may be able to ‘see’ what’s behind us without having to turn around.

Plants Activate ‘Self-Eating’ Pathways When Hungry

Scientists have discovered that plants depend on autophagy to sustain themselves during starvation conditions, such as when there is insufficient sunlight.

Artificial Membranes To Speed Up Drug Discovery

Scientists in Japan have developed a silicon chip that can act as an artificial membrane for the testing of drug side effects.

Tilted Rotors Make Drones More Stable

Researchers in Japan have demonstrated that the stability of unmanned aerial vehicles in heavy winds can be improved by angling the rotors of drones outwards by 20 degrees.

The ABC’s Of Stacking Graphene

Japanese scientists have fabricated two types of trilayer graphene with different structures and electrical properties.

Sorting Car Scraps Could Help Save Millions

Detailed sorting of scrap car parts could not only improve the recycling rate of alloys, but also save steelmakers millions of dollars and reduce their greenhouse emissions.

Blast Dental Plaque Away With Tiny Bubbles

Scientists in Japan have demonstrated that a cavitating jet, which produces tiny bubbles in addition to shear force, is better at removing dental plaque than conventional water jets.

ASK: The Gatekeeper To Cancer

Researchers in Japan have identified a pathway regulating the activity of an oxidative stress response enzyme, with implications on cancer development and progression.