tohoku university

Making Sense Of SNPs With The Japonica Array

Developed from samples from the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization, the Japonica array is the first SNP array optimized for the Japanese population.

A Symmetrical Solution For Better Batteries

Scientists have designed a symmetrical sodium battery that has a high voltage and long lifespan, advancing the storage of green energy sources.

Could Meteorites Strikes Have Generated The Building Blocks Of Life?

According to simulation studies, complex organic molecules such as nucleotides and amino acids could have been formed by meteorites crashing into the early ocean.

Coral Reefs May Exacerbate Tsunami-Type Waves

Scientists have shown that coral reefs may make sea storms worse, recommending a re-evaluation of risks for seaside towns sheltered by reefs.

Helping Hydrogen To Tunnel Through Titanium Dioxide

By narrowing the width of the reaction barrier, scientists have helped hydrogen atoms quantum tunnel through titanium dioxide.

High-Temperature Superconductivity In Atomically Thin Films

Researchers have succeeded in creating atom-thick films that show superconductivity, making applications more feasible.

Electrodeless Thrusters For Space Travel Tested

Researchers are one step closer to long-term space travel with the testing of an electrodeless plasma thruster.

Maximizing Superconducting Critical Temperature

Researchers describe a new state of matter that could lead to high temperature superconductors.

7 Must-Read Stories In April 2015

Could sodium replace lithium in batteries and could current DNA sequencing technology be displaced by graphene? Read here to find out more!