tohoku university

To Chill, Just Squeeze

Scientists in Japan have developed a new type of refrigeration that generates a liquid-to-gas transition when a nanosponge is squeezed.

Algorithm Improves Quantum Computer Efficiency

Combinatorial optimization problems can now be solved more efficiently with an algorithm developed by Tohoku University researchers.

Taking Solid-State Batteries To The Next Level

Using complex hydrides, a research group in Japan has demonstrated the possibility of building high-energy-density all-solid-state batteries with capacity exceeding 2,500 Wh/kg.

Spotting Cancer Cells In Lymph Nodes

By injecting contrast agent into upstream lymph nodes, scientists in Japan were able to detect cancer cells within the lymphatic system early on.

Supercapacitors Stabilized By Graphene Mesosponges

A continuous three-dimensional framework of graphene known as a mesosponge can be used to make supercapacitors more stable.

Making Metals That Can Beat The Heat

Japanese researchers have identified an alloy that can withstand ultra-high temperatures and pressure.

10 Award-Winning Scientists From Japan To Watch

From biomedicine to particle physics, these ten award-winning scientists from Japan are making an impact across the globe with their discoveries.

Tackling Dementia Using Ultrasound

A research group in Japan has demonstrated that ultrasound applied to the brain could help treat dementia.

DNA Test Predicts Adverse Reactions In East Asians

Scientists in Japan have developed a DNA screen that could help East Asian patients avoid severe reactions to medications used in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, leukemia and rheumatic disease.