Robotic Bloodhound Picks Scents Off The Ground

Scientists in Japan have used a technique known as localized surface plasmon resonance to develop a robot ‘bloodhound’ that is highly sensitive to odors.

Detecting The Molecule That Causes Bad Breath

By integrating lead (II) acetate with a three-dimensional nanofiber web, South Korean researchers have developed a rapid and sensitive detector of bad breath.

Detecting Hydrogen Gas Quickly And Cheaply

Scientists have fabricated a highly selective sensor that can detect hydrogen gas in under five seconds.

Dog’s Nose Inspires Sensitive Gas Sensor

Scientists in China have mimicked the capillary structure in a dog’s nose using graphene nanosheets to develop a sensitive gas sensor.

A Bright Way To Detect Dangerous Gases

Researchers in Japan have developed a fluorescent sensor that allows solvent vapors to be detected by the naked eye.

Watch Out For Wearable Sweat Sensors

A research group from South Korea has invented a sweat rate sensor in the form of a watch for the measurement of thermal comfort.

Hackers Can Access Smart Phones Using Sensor Data

A research group in Singapore has demonstrated that data from sensors embedded within smart phones can allow hackers to derive PIN numbers and access devices remotely.

EmTech Asia Announces 2018’s Innovators Under 35

Ten individuals from Singapore, Australia and Taiwan have been selected as finalists for MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 program.

A Sense Of Purpose

With advanced sensor technology and real-time analytics, researchers at SMU’s LiveLabs are turning data from smartphones, wearable devices and the physical environment into powerful insights.