Robots Keep Spotless Score

Researchers from Singapore have designed a sensor for autonomous cleaning robots making them better cleaners.

Measuring Blood Alcohol Levels Through The Ears

A new device that fits over a person's ears can measure real-time changes in blood alcohol levels through the skin.

Up And Coming Quantum Applications Across Asia

From providing solutions for data security issues to air pollution, Asia is leveraging quantum technology across all domains.

Nuts And Bolts—Empowering Sensors To Reach Their Full Potential

Bendable and transparent, flexible sensors could bring electronics into the multibillion-dollar medical device and athleisure industries.

Soft, Sensitive And Stable Sensors For Wearables

Researchers in South Korea have developed a wearable pressure sensor for health monitoring applications and early disease diagnosis.

Knocking Down The Barriers To Object Identification

Scientists in South Korea have developed a technique to identify objects by using the microphone, accelerometer and gyroscope of smartphones.

Nuts & Bolts—Empowering Enterprise with Smart Solutions

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, companies can streamline their operations and create value for their clients.

A Wearable Voice Recognition Sensor

A Korean research group has developed a skin-attachable vibration sensor for voice recognition.

Mapping The Terrain Of Optical Sensor Development

An international team of researchers has developed a 3D technology map which systematically compares optical sensor technologies.

A Bright Way To Detect Mechanical Stress

A team of Swiss and Japanese scientist has developed a polymer that switches on and off its fluorescence in response to mechanical stress.