Is This Town Big Enough?

What does Singapore’s recent push towards deep technology mean for the country’s more mature life sciences sector?

Jellyfish-Inspired Electronic Skin

Scientists in China have developed an electronic skin that lights up under pressure and has pressure sensitivity similar to that of biological skin.

An Ultra-Fast And Highly Sensitive Hydrogen Sensor

Scientists in Korea have developed an ultra-fast and highly sensitive hydrogen gas sensor which can detect hydrogen levels under one percent in less than seven seconds.

A Simple Way To Detect Neurotoxic Chemicals

Researchers in Japan have tested a simpler and cheaper method to detect neurotoxic contaminants in water.

Controlling Devices With The Blink Of An Eye

A blink-sensor attached to your glasses could help you live a truly hands-free life.

A Sensitive And Dynamic Tactile Sensor

These transparent sensors can detect changes in pressure ranging from just the tap of a finger to the equivalent of a full human body weight.

Crowdsourcing A Practical Indoor GPS

Scientists in South Korea have developed an indoor locating technology using crowdsourced fingerprints from smartphones.

A Smart Camera For Drones And Self-Driving Cars

Scientists in Singapore have developed an ultrafast and high-contrast camera that could make it safer the drive autonomous vehicles.

When Crushed, Light-Emitting Compounds Reveal Their True Colors

Scientists have developed a series of luminescent compounds that change the color of emission upon mechanical stimulation.