Sieving Out MicroRNAs In A Matter Of Milliseconds

Scientists in Japan have developed a nanobiodevice that can separate microRNAs from DNA in the fraction of a second.

MicroRNAs That Trigger Beta Cell Proliferation

Scientists in Japan have identified two new microRNAs that may help develop regenerative therapies for diabetes patients.

A Potential Biomarker For The Early Detection Of Ebola

Researchers have found an microRNA-like fragment that is detectable in infected patients but not during recovery—suggesting that it could serve as a biomarker for the disease.

Parasites Kill Honey Bees By Manipulating miRNA

Fungal parasites are able to change the expression patterns of 17 honey bee miRNAs, potentially disrupting over 400 target genes.

MiRNA Biomarkers Help Catch Lung Cancer Early

A cross-country clinical study has identified a panel of five miRNA biomarkers which could be useful for the early diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer.

DNAi Demonstrated In Metozoans For The First Time

A DNA-based gene silencing method has been shown to exist in the multicellular organism Oikopleura dioica.

How DROSHA Acts As A Molecular Ruler

MicroRNA processing is regulated by a complex containing a single DROSHA protein that acts as a molecular ruler measuring the length of the primary transcript.

Small Non-Coding RNAs Can Cross The Placenta, Scientists Say

Researchers claim that small exogenous RNAs from plants eaten by a mother can cross the placenta and affect fetal development.

‘Junk DNA’ Used To Sort Species

Although short, miRNA sequences have been used to sort out phylogenetic relationships.