Mum’s miRNA Regulated By Wispy

With the identification of Wispy, scientists are one step closer to understanding how maternal miRNAs regulate early embryonic development.

Bee Brains Offer Insight Into Memory Formation

A study of bee brains has revealed that microRNAs targeting the structural protein actin are crucial in memory regulation.

Test For Prostate Cancer Using Semen

A microRNA-based test for prostate cancer could help distinguish aggressive tumors from slow growing ones and prevent unnecessary biopsies.

Artificial MicroRNAs To Target Dengue Virus

Researchers in China have identified artificial microRNAs that target regions of the dengue genome essential for viral replication.

New Study Says Plant microRNA Cannot Enter Eater’s Bloodstream

New research refutes an earlier study that genetic elements from plants can make it into an eater's bloodstream.

Switching On Wound Healing

Scientists have identified a molecular "switch" that controls the migration of skin cells necessary for wounds to close and heal.

BGI Researchers Uncover Extensive RNA Editing In Human Cells

In a new study published in Nature Biotechnology, researchers from genomics company BGI report evidence of extensive RNA editing in a human cell line.