Where The Brain Stores A Familiar Face

Have we met somewhere before? Let me check the memories inside my ventral hippocampus.

Reposting Is Bad For Your Memory

When deciding whether to share an article or retweet, the decision itself consumes cognitive resources and leads to cognitive overload.

Brain Slices Show That Stress Messes Up Your Memory

A study in an in vitro system has shown that stress interferes with the development of new synapses required for new memories to form.

Lost Memories Retrieved With Optogenetics

Stimulating brain cells with light helps to restore memories in mice that had Alzheimer's disease-associated memory loss.

10 Unsolved Questions In Neuroscience

The mind still holds many mysteries today. Here, we uncover what we know about ten of them.

Memories Labelled And Erased With Light

Researchers have developed an optogenetic probe that can both label individual neurons and erase memories in the brains of mice.

Where Do Athletes Store Motor Memory?

fMRI imaging has identified the regions of the brain involved in both long- and short-term storage of motor memory, a finding which could help train and rehabilitate athletes.

Gene Suppression Makes Memories

Gene repression, rather than the previously assumed protein translation, could play an important role in memory and learning, scientists say.

How The Brain Encodes A Place

Neurons called Ocean cells are responsible for encoding time and place in episodic memories, scientists say.