Like Humans, Apes Also Cannot ‘Unsee’

By modifying eye-tracking technology, researchers have shown that apes can remember and anticipate sequences from movies.

Recalling Positive Memories Overrides Depression

Optogenetic techniques have revealed that the triggering of positive memories can mitigate the effects of stressful depression, at least in mice.

Lost Memories Retrieved

A study in mice has shown that memories are inaccessible but not completely lost in retrograde amnesia, suggesting that memory retrieval might one day be possible.

Electronics That Mimic Brain Memory

Scientists are now one step closer to building a bionic brain, thanks to a nanodevice that can both process and store information.

Researchers Create Artificial Link Between Unrelated Memories

Activating groups of cells at the same time can link previously unrelated memories, scientists say.

Spice Up Your Memory With Tumeric

Just one gram of turmeric added to breakfast could help improve memory in older people with pre-diabetes, study says.

Bee Brains Offer Insight Into Memory Formation

A study of bee brains has revealed that microRNAs targeting the structural protein actin are crucial in memory regulation.

How Working Memory Works

Scientists at the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences have pinpointed the brain region involved in working memory in mice.

Curiosity Changes The Brain To Enhance Learning

Those who are curious about a topic will not only want to know more, but will also remember more.