Memories Take A Detour In The Brain

Memories are formed in and retrieved from different parts of the brain, according to an optogenetic study by researchers in Japan.

Sniffing Out Social Memories

Using molecular and behavioral observation techniques in mice, scientists in China have uncovered the basis of socially-dependent, odor-based learning and memory.

The Rhythms Of Sleep That Help Us Remember

Manipulating the pattern of electrical activity in the brain during deep sleep can make mice remember or forget.

Making Memories With Mitochondrial Flashes

Mitochondrial flashes in the brain help convert short-term memories into long-term ones.

The Secret Of Sequential Thinking

Researchers have discovered ‘event cells’ in the brain's hippocampus that can sequentially organize memories for events as well as places.

How The Brain Balances Its Network

A part of the hippocampus called CA2 is responsible for preventing the local brain circuits from becoming hyperactive, study says.

How Lasting Memories Form In The Brain

The cells responsible for long-term memories are formed the prefrontal cortex during the initial experience and gradually strengthen over time.

Erasing Fears With Antibodies And Light

By combining the precision of antibodies with toxic oxygen bursts, researchers have inactivated neural proteins to abolish fearful memories in mice.

What Makes Memories Hyper Emotional

Researchers in Japan have identified a brain circuit that restrains the brain's over-responsiveness to expected but unpleasant stimuli.