infectious disease

How Mosquitoes & Microbes Changed The Course Of A Canal

The Panama Canal “was dug with a microscope”—only when yellow fever and malaria were eradicated, could its construction continue.

Ridding Bacteria Of Their ‘Anchors’ To Stop Infections

Bacteria grow nanofilaments that help them latch on to our insides; blocking the protein responsible could help in fighting off infections.

A Steady Hand At The Helm

When Singapore was struggling with the SARS outbreak in 2003, ex-director of medical services Tan Chorh Chuan had to make some difficult—but necessary—decisions.

Takeda Receives US$38 Million Polio Eradication Grant From Gates Foundation

With this funding, Takeda will develop, license and supply at least 50 million doses of a polio vaccine per year to more than 70 developing countries.

An Interview With A Zika Expert: Lok Shee-Mei

Lok, whose team imaged the structure of the Zika virus, explains why the virus is so resilient and how her research could help worldwide efforts to curb the outbreak.

7 Must-Read Stories In April 2016

The Asian Scientist 100, our handpicked selection of award-winning scientists from the region, was your favorite read in April.

Cholera Bacterium Attracted By Bile

Vibrio cholerae, which causes cholera, has been found to be attracted to taurine, an amino acid found in intestinal bile.

Virus Structure Reveals Zika’s Unusual Heat Resistance

The Zika virus is stable even at 40°C, possibly explaining why high fevers do not rid the body of the infection.

Westeros Maesters Seek R&D Funding

The Seven Kingdoms may be at war, but erratic seasonal patterns and infectious diseases such as greyscale need more research funding, write senior maesters in an open letter to King’s Landing.